A Perfect Fit (coming soon!)

written & directed by Andrew Carter

Produced by Mary Elizabeth Boylan, Natalie Britton

Director of Photography-David Newbert   

Production Designer- Adrian Wittenberg


Starring (in order of appearance)

Aubrey Reynolds, Minita Gandhi, Sandy Francis,

Susane Lee, Leslie Stevens, Mary Elizabeth Boylan,

Cassandra Ward, and Andrew Carter

A Perfect Fit square.png


written & directed by Hunter Stiebel

Produced by Mary Elizabeth Boylan, Roni Geva, Amanda Markowitz, and Allison Powell

Director of Photography - Brian C. Weed

Production Designer - Lusy K. Wolf

Starring (in order of appearance)

Hunter Stiebel, Tate Hanyok, and Tacey Adams

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Being KINDred (coming soon!)


A Transgender Families Documentary

Produced and Directed by Mary Elizabeth Boylan


Above all, kindness should prevail for our loved ones who must overcome so much to be themselves.

This documentary film highlights the lives of several, very different individuals in the TG community. We want to tell the stories that inspire people to embrace their TG colleagues/friends/family, and inspire those individuals who are still too scared to come out as their true selves. 

This film is for the betterment of all of us. To inform the ignorant people who judge based on fear, inspire those who are too scared to come out, and to bring us all together, as we were meant to be.

Above all, we need to learn to BE KIND to one another. As a human race, we are all kindred spirits. All one family.




Getting Lemons (2013)


Written by Mary Elizabeth Boylan

Directed by Lisa Stadnykova

Produced by Cyrus Wilcox, Mary Elizabeth Boylan, and Lisa Stadnykova

Lizzy Boyd reluctantly wakes up to find her alarm clock has actually turned into fruit. A lemon, to be exact. A theme that begins to literally and figuratively hit her over the head. We follow Lizzy on a surreal journey to a place she's never wanted to go, but is now forced to embrace. However, it is here that she can find everything she's needed her entire life- redemption, love and the will to move on past the heartbreaking tragedy she has experienced. What do you do when life gives you lemons? You make lemonade, of course.